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            Burnt Hill Park has two batting cages which are located between the two fields.  Game times are staggered so that when two games are being played, the Upper Field game starts one half hour before the Lower Field game.  Teams for each game will take batting practice at the same time with each using one cage.  There is sufficient space to set up a net to do  tee work if you wish.  Batting practice will begin one hour and fifteen minutes prior to game time and end forty five minutes before game time.  At the completion of batting practice, the visitors will take infield practice for fifteen minutes followed by the home team taking infield practice for fifteen minutes.  There will be a bull pen area for each field beyond the outfield fence. Both teams should be in the dugouts fifteen minutes before game time.

            The umpires will inspect all bats and helmets in the dugouts about fifteen minutes before game time. Please have all of this equipment available for inspection.  Please also make sure that any bats deemed illegal under Cal Ripken rules are out of the dugout.  The home plate conference will take place as soon as the umpires are done inspecting the bats and helmets.  Protest Committee representatives will be expected to attend the home plate conference.  Pitching eligibility will be reviewed. Teams will be introduced by the public address announcer and the National Anthem will be played (or sung live.)  We are aiming to have all pregame activities completed before the scheduled start time so that we can keep the tournament on time.

            There will be an assigned pitch counter in the scorer’s booth for each game keeping track of pitches on the form available on the Cal Ripken web site.  Additionally, there will be a display board with a counter showing the current pitch total for the pitcher on the mound each half inning.  We will endeavor to warn you as your pitcher approaches 40, 65 and 75 pitches but the rules ultimately place this responsibility on you.  We will certainly notify the umpire when the pitch count reaches 75. 

            Please report all substitutions (including reentries) to the scorer as they occur.  As a courtesy, please report them to the opposing team’s scorekeeper as well.        


Immediately following the game, teams will line up to shake hands.  They will then go to their respective base paths.   At that time, a Player of the Game pin will be awarded to a player from each team and a pin will be awarded to any player who hits a home run.  The pitch count official will secure a signature from each team manager on the pitching log.  At this point, managers can then take their teams out to the outfield to speak to them.